DIY Copy

Do-It-Yourself Copy Tips.

Understand your writing style.
Never, ever assume your reader knows what you mean.
Cut-out cliches.
Write like a human.
Take out the emoji.
Give your reader some breathing room.
Be honest.
Turn a weakness into strength
Attention spans aren’t shrinking, worthwhile writing is.
Use words your reader uses.
Stories are special.
Make it real.
Be an expert.
Imperfection sells.
Write like you’re having a conversation based on your reader’s worldview.
Consistency, character, value. (know, like, trust)
Be yourself.
Say what you’re selling.
Pay attention to the pace and cadence of your copy.
Less you, more benefits but sometimes features.
Too much info is a real thing.
Say less, mean more. Does each word bring you joy?
Feminine writing vs. Masculine. (You’ll receive vs. I’ll give you)
Try contractions (You will vs. You’ll).
It’s ok to sell things.
Lay off ellipses and commas.

Writers need strategy and empathy – which only sometimes is innate.

Writing together is better.